The International President of the World Apostolate of Fatima, Prof. Américo López-Ortiz, has written a circular letter to all the leaders and members of the Apostolate of Fatima concerning the terrible invasion and attack of Russia to Ukraine. fatima imaculada coracao 2 1

In his letter he underlines that such “critical situation must be confronted with the spiritual weapons we have to overcome evil” and that our movement has the duty “to illuminate the hearts of the faithful with the light of hope in the definitive triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary promised in Fatima.” He also wrote to the Holy Father proposing the renewal of the consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and, at the same time, to ask support for promoting the First Five Saturday’s devotion, as requested by Our Lady, to obtain peace for humanity.

Therefore, this coming March 25, we are all encouraged, individually or in community, to make the renewal of the Collegial Consecration of the World to the Immaculate Heart of Mary; the one performed by St. John Paul II, in 1984, in Rome. The text of the Consecration is here.

Let us all be united in prayer, even more now, as we celebrate Lent and prepare for Easter, the feast of Christ’s victory over death and evil.

UcraniaThe members of the World Apostolate of Fatima in Ukraine, particularly those of the parish of the Mother of God, in Lviv, have an old desire to welcome the visit of the Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima to their region. This became more so at this particular time of war and tension with Russia. Therefore, on March 10, the Greek Catholic Archbishop and Metropolitan of Lviv, Mons. Ihor Vozniak, wrote a letter to the Rector of the Shrine of Fatima, in Portugal, to formally request the visit of the Statue, “in order to ask her intercession and protection for Ukraine and for the whole world”, he wrote.  

The Shrine of Fatima received the letter and immediately decided to send the Pilgrim Virgin Statue nº 13, a replica of the original one, to Ukraine. She will travel via Krakow, in Poland, this week. The Statue will remain for a month in Ukraine and will be welcomed and transported by the Greek-Catholic community of Lviv, where there is a large group of members of the World Apostolate of Fatima, with whom we are deeply united, both spiritually as well as through our assistance. 

Our Lady in Fatima insistently asked us to pray for peace. The visit of Our Lady Statue to Ukraine is part of this spiritual and pastoral mission to install peace in this country and in the world.

Historic note: In 1971, a group of pilgrims of the World Apostolate of Fatima, USA attempted to deliver a Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady to Russia that had been blessed at Fatima by Pope Paul VI, but she was denied entrance. While sitting on a ship in the Ukranian port of Odessa, they made the decision to fly the statue to Moscow in a chartered plane, wrap it in rags, and secretly process it through the heart of Red Square. It was then flown back to the ship and later placed at the Shrine of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Washington, New Jersey where it came to be known as the “Odessa Pilgrim Virgin Statue”. A few years ago, this very Statue was offered by the Apostolate in USA, to the Catholic parish community in Kazan, Russia where she is still venerated. 

On January 28, Pope Francis appointed Bishop José Ornelas, as the new bishop of the diocese of Leiria-Fátima, succeeding Cardinal António Marto.

Sem TítuloThe new bishop of Fatima is a member of the missionary congregation of the Dehonians - Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He is 68 years old and has been in charge of the diocese of Setúbal, in Portugal, since 2015. Besides, he is also the President of the Portuguese Episcopal Conference.

Cardinal Antonio Marto had presented his resignation to the Holy Father when he turned 74, last May 2021, because of his age and “aware of the enormous limits of his physical and psychological forces to properly exercise the office, in view of the pastoral demands of the Diocese and of the Shrine of Fatima” he said.  

Bishop José Ornelas, in his first written message to the faithful of the diocese made a special reference to Fatima, saying:

"Fatima resonates in our ears and in our hearts, here in Portugal and in the world, as a very special place and a reference of the presence of God, also in a dramatic situation, similar to the one we live in. (...) Mary, loving Mother of the little ones is the image of the Church that we want to be, as heralds in this world."

The World Apostolate of Fatima expresses his gratitude to Cardinal Antonio Marto for his loving dedication to the diocese of Leiria-Fatima (2006-2022) and for his support to the World Apostolate of Fatima, in the quality of its ecclesiastical adviser.

A warm and joyful welcome to the new Bishop José Ornelas! Pray for him and for his fruitful mission.

The official entrance of Bishop José Ornelas in the diocese will occur on March 13, 2022, in the cathedral of Leiria.

The World Apostolate of Fatima has decided to launch a worldwide campaign to collect donations to support the renovation works of the sanctuary of the Apparitions, in Pontevedra, Spain. The circular letter of the international president, presenting this initiative, can be read here

Santuario PontevedraThe shrine of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, known as the Shrine of the Apparitions, in Pontevedra, Spain, is a place closely associated with the history and message of Fatima. It was there, in that former convent of the Dorothean Sisters, that Lucia de Jesus, the eldest of the Fatima seers, received the visit of Our Lady and the Child Jesus, in her cell - now transformed into a chapel - on December 10, 1925.

porta abertaOur Lady asked her the devotion of the First Saturdays, in reparation to Her Immaculate Heart. Over the years, the old sanctuary building has been deteriorating and it is now urgent to carry out its proper rehabilitation in order to preserve the sacred place of the apparition and its spirituality.

The Bishop’s Conference of Spain is responsible for coordinating and supervising these efforts. The costs are very high! The donations collected by the Secretariat of the World Apostolate of Fatima will be handed over to the Bishop’s Conference by the end of this year. We count on your generous contribution!

Donations can be sent by bank transfer to:

Assoc. Apostolado Mundial de Fátima - SI
Bank EuroBIC – Fátima
IBAN: PT 50 0079 0000 2658 9082 1016 5
Reference: “Donation Pontevedra”

The goal is that, in year 2025, when the Centennial of the Apparition of Pontevedra occurs, the Shrine of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will have the necessary and dignified facilities to welcome all pilgrims who visit it. Let us therefore be generous! And let us remember Our Lady’s promise at Fatima: “In the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph”.

ing Pontevedra Logo Centennial

In a video produced by the Shrine of Fatima for the series "Faces of Fatima", Nuno Prazeres, the director of the International Secretariat of the World Apostolate of Fatima, speaks about the importance of the travels of the Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima around the world. 

As the guest of another video of the series "Faces of Fatima", which, every month, presents the faces that integrate the new temporary exhibition of the Shrine of Fatima, Nuno Prazeres presents, in this episode, the Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima as the "face of a missionary Church".

“Today, just as yesterday, Mary continues to travel in haste to where she is called. She becomes a pilgrim travelling the roads of the world, bringing consolation and hope to the hearts of a humanity so often wounded and distressed, a humanity which seeks peace. But she never imposes herself! Each visit to any country or place is the result of an invitation, of a pastoral desire often matured over months or even years”, he says, deducing a "recognition of the importance of the message of Fatima" in the "numerous requests of the Pilgrim Statue".

From the painted wooden World Map, from 1956, on display at the exhibition, which describes the first travels of the Pilgrim Statue, Nuno Prazeres revisits some of the most symbolic pilgrimages that the Pilgrim Statue has fulfilled, over almost 75 years.

“During the first nine years of her pilgrimages, as we can see on this World Map, the Statue travelled more than half a million kilometres and was welcomed by more than 300 million people. In Europe, during this period, Our Lady travelled as a Symbol of Peace, inspiring unity and solidarity amongst nations in the aftermath of a world war which had caused divisions and destroyed so much” he recalls.

The video also evokes the famous 'Peace flights’ that carried the the second Pilgrim Statue to visit many countries, on various continents, under the World Apostolate of Fatima, a movement founded in the United States of America by Monsignor Harold Colgan and John Haffert, faces that are also present in the temporary exhibition of the Shrine of Fatima.

The exhibition "The Faces of Fatima - Images of a Spiritual Setting" is open until October 15, 2022, at the Convivium of St. Augustine, in the lower floor of the Basilica of the Holy Trinity, and can be visited, free of charge, every day from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. (